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When we find music that is too good, our mission is to produce it for the market's enjoyment. We combine our specialized skills and industry expertise to create artists win-win opportunities. We work with the best.

If you would like a license to use our
recordings for your production, contact us
and/or visit our Sound Recordings catalog.

Commercial/license use terms can be negotiated based on needs.
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Licensing examples:
• YouTube / Vimeo videos
• Documentaries
• Advertisements Online
• Podcasts
• Corporate presentations
• Websites
• Multimedia productions
• Promotional videos
• Music on Hold
• Films
• Advertisements (TV / Radio)
• Other sync licensing

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Reproducing/redistributing music from our library in any form (such as reselling or uploading the tracks in another library) is strictly prohibited without our personal written consent.

In addition to working with the web store, we opened our commercial storefront location in Southeast Portland, Oregon for our bands, artists, fans, and everyone else! Physically purchase instruments, music, merch, and cool accessories at our business address (see latest offers). CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 5/26: Our physical store location has reopened from 11am-7pm. We are still doing delivery and curb-side pickup. Stop in to see our latest vinyl rotation and special offers. If you have a music need, call us at (503)-265-8042! Thanks, Kyle

Physically purchase instruments, music, merch, and cool accessories at our business address:

Ascendents Records
6819 SE 82nd Ave
Portland OR, 97266

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Open 7 Days a Week: 10am-6:30pm
Phone: (503)-265-8042

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