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Mechanical License

If you would like to cover or remix a song by an Ascendents Music Publishing songwriter, we recommend contacting Songtrust, their direct mechanical license servicer for those in the US and Canada -- via email:, or if you are from another country, you are advised to contact your corresponding mechanical rights society (BIEM's international mechanical societies list).

Master License

If you need a master license to use a recording in your production, initiate conversations directly with us ( You can also fill out our request a quote form to describe the term-length, budget/payments, and other details for your project.

Sync License

To sync your own additional video content to our music requires a license issued the song/songwriter's music publisher. If the composition is of a songwriter published by Ascendents Music Publishing, we can also help you obtain licenses and permissions. Contact our licensing department ( or fill out our request a quote form and describe your project.

Print License

Using music lyrics or information about label songs in books and magazines, sheet music, clothing, and other printed products requires a license from the song's music publisher, and sometimes the label -- depending on if a recording artist is also featured. For help, contact our licensing department (, and/or fill out our request a quote form and describe your project.

Production Music License

Our team of production songwriters create a custom song for your production -- including commercials, theater/plays, internet/television shows, and music for movies. (Visit Ascendents Productions)

Performance License

If you would like a performance license to play our songs in a live public environment -- such as concerts, festivals, background music in stores, clubs, presentations, or music on hold -- obtain a license from your domestic performing rights society (eg. in the US -- BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC). (List of performing rights societies).

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