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Studio - How To Get In (PDF)

Mixing and Mastering Services

  • Simple Mix (Stereo Beat + Vocals) - starts at $100 (includes mastering)
  • Complex Mix (Separate Instrument Tracks + Vocals) - starts at $200 (includes mastering)

Additional Services:

  • Making 30 second MP3 previews ($5/recording, $50 for collection up to 20 recordings)
  • Mastering/remastering - $20/mix
  • Revisions (after first free round of minor adjustments) - $50/hr
  • High Priority/Expedited Turnaround (72 hours) - $50 extra
  • Mix out a stem/instrumental version/alt. mix - $20/mix
  • Session Files - starting at $100
  • Censoring - $40/mix

Typical turnaround time for other studio services can be 1-2 weeks.

Call today 503-265-8042!


  • Mon-Thurs from 11am-7pm for $100 (after our training program)
  • Mon-Thurs from 11am-7pm for $250 (engineer included)
  • Mon-Thurs from 11am-7pm for $350 (engineer included + training)

During Store Business Hours (11am-7pm)
  • Studio Time: Starting at $20/hr
  • Engineer Time: Starting at $20/hr

Early Bird (8am-11am) and Night Owl (7pm-10pm)
  • Studio Time: Starting at $25/hr
  • Engineer Time: Starting at $25/hr

All-nighter (10pm-8am):
  • Studio Time: Starting at $30/hr
  • Engineer Time: Starting at $30/hr

Encoding Services: Starts at $15 per recording

  • ISRC Embedding
  • ID3 Tags
  • WAV Tags (+$5)
  • Find Key and Tempo (+$5)
  • ReplayGain & Peak Calculation (+$5)
  • Summary/Statistics Report (+$10)
  • Radio Station Encoding (+$20)

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Exclusive Beats starting at $100 (Ask for list)

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About Ascendents Studios

We give the realest high-quality studio production services. Ascendents Studios has the industry knowledge and special skills to be the difference between recording some tracks and delivering a timeless experience -- Make it happen!

The Ascendents' debut album, Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll's recording engineering, mixing, and mastering was by Ascendents Studios.

Ascendents Studios is located at:

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Ascendents Records
6819 SE 82nd Ave, Studio B
Portland, OR 97266

Music store hours:
Everyday 11am-7pm

Phone: 503-265-8042

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