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  • No smoking in the studio.
  • Food and drink is encouraged to be consumed in the lounge and patio area. Food and drink may be brought into the studio but must be kept away from equipment racks, and the recording console.
  • Please place your unwanted trash in receptacles provided.
  • No firearms allowed on the premises.
  • It is recommended that only individuals essential to the recording be present during the booked time.
  • Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited and we reserve the right to refuse service or cancel a session if a client appears to be under the influence.

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We use Studio One Professional 5 which is a full-featured tracking/mixing DAW. If you do not use Studio One, if you have an Ascendents Music Manager (ascendentsmusic.com/manager) account, be sure to upload (ascendentsmusic.com/upload) or bring your stems to us before or on the day of your session. You can use either a flash drive or hard drive to bring in your session files or tracks. Many prefer to email themselves files so they will be here upon arrival and you can spend more time in your session actually recording. We encourage all of our clients to review a map of our location (6819 SE 82nd Ave, Portland Oregon 97266). Due to traffic and depending on time of day, always plan on leaving 30-45 minutes prior to ensure that you're not late for your session.


Editing your files, burning your music onto a CD and transferring your files are all done within your session time. Your engineer will always provide an MP3 or WAV file of your music during your session. If you would like your raw session files (the Studio One session) as well, please bring your hard drive the day of your session so the engineer can provide them for you within your scheduled time.


After your session, we encourage you to stay in touch with your engineer for details about any edits or revisions needed. However, your engineer will not always be able to assist you in booking your next session. The best way to book studio time is to call our front desk at 503-265-8042. If after your session has commenced, you would like your session files (the Studio One session), there will be an additional charge of forty dollars ($40) for us to retrieve your archived session files for your hard drive. Studio Drives will be cleared every six (6) months. To ensure that your files are not forever lost, be sure to obtain them during or soon after your session.

Ascendents Studio B Specifications

  • Multi-stage pre-amps, compressors, and equalizers
  • Stereo dynamics and multi-effects hardware
  • Antares hardware AutoTune, Waves RealTune/Tune, Melodyne + other vocal FX
  • Studio One 5 Professional PC Unlimited Tracks/Buses
  • FaderPort 16 Mixing Desk w/ Wireless and Atom Controllers
  • 8 channels simultaneous input, 16+ mics
  • Multiple Monitors, Big Screen
  • Internal Network, over 300 gigabytes of sounds
  • Second PC DAW - Effects Processing & Sequencing Desk
  • 500-Watt Bass Guitar
  • Turntable
  • Synthesizers, Drum Machines, and countless virtual instruments
  • Electric Guitar Rig
  • 1000-Watt EV 15" Loudspeakers
  • Event 20/20
  • Advanced Mastering Setup
  • Full Dynamics SC, Tilt Tube R@IO EQ SC, and other exclusive FX plugins made by Ascendents Studios

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About Ascendents Studios

We are the realest high-quality studio production service. Ascendents Studios has the industry knowledge and special skills to be the difference between recording some tracks and delivering a timeless experience -- Make it happen!

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The Ascendents' debut album, Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll's recording engineering, mixing, and mastering was by Ascendents Studios.

Ascendents Studios is located at:

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Ascendents Records
6819 SE 82nd Ave, Studio B
Portland, OR 97266

Music store hours:
Everyday 11am-7pm

Phone: 503-265-8042

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