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Songs by Ascendents Music Publishing

There are several ways we can help songwriters with their publishing, copyright/songwriter/owner management, and worldwide royalty collection needs. From frequently asked questions, proofing, and pre-publishing, to registering sound recordings and receiving checks, let us hook you up!

If you would like a license to use our songs
for your production, contact us and/or
visit our Musical Compositions catalog.

License-use terms can be negotiated with appropriate party based on needs.
• YouTube / Vimeo videos
• Documentaries
• Advertisements online
• Podcasts
• Corporate presentations
• Websites
• Multimedia productions
• Promotional videos
• Music on hold
• TV, Film, and trailers
• Video games
• Smartphone apps
• Advertisements (TV / Radio)

Reproducing/redistributing music from our library in any form is strictly prohibited without our official written consent.

2021-08-19 We are opening a music studio for artists and
songwriters to record some tracks and make some mixes!

Contact us on social media
or by emailing pub@ascendentsmusic.com -- thanks!
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Songs by Ascendents Music Publishing:
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Ascendents Music Publishing:
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