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Types of licenses - Ascendents Music Publishing

Mechanical License

If you would like to cover or remix a song by one of our songwriters, we recommend contacting Songtrust, our direct mechanical license servicer in the US and Canada -- via email: licensing@songtrust.com, or if you are from another country, you are advised to contact your corresponding mechanical rights society (see BIEM's international mechanical societies list).

Master License

If you need a master license to use a recording in your production, initiate conversations directly with Ascendents Records (licensing@ascendentsmusic.com). You can also fill out our request a quote form to describe the term-length, budget/payments, and other details for your project.

Sync License

Syncing your own additional video content to our music requires a license. We can also help you obtain master licenses/permissions. Contact our licensing department (licensing@ascendentsmusic.com), you could also approach and pitch to Songtrust (licensing@songtrust.com), or fill out our request a quote form and describe your project.

Print License

We issue print licenses to use our lyrics or information about our songs in books and magazines, sheet music, clothing, and other printed products. Sometimes, a print license from a record label is also required -- depending on if a recording artist is featured. Contact our licensing department (licensing@ascendentsmusic.com) or fill out our request a quote form and describe your project.

Production License

Our team of production songwriters create a custom song for your production -- including commercials, theater/plays, internet/television shows, and music for movies. We can connect you with one of our songwriting teams, including Ascendents Productions. Visit its website here: https://ascendentsmusic.com/productions

Performance License

If you would like a performance license to play our songs in a live public environment -- such as concerts, festivals, background music in stores, clubs, presentations, or music on hold -- obtain a license from your country's performing rights society (eg. in the US -- BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC). (list of performing rights societies).

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