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UPDATE 10/23: Our physical store location has been open for one year! If you have a music need, call us at (503)-265-8042 or stop by!

Welcome to the SPECIAL DEALS page for Portland Oregon's Ascendents Records - Music & More record label and music shop. Physically purchase instruments, music, headphones, merch, and cool accessories at our business address:

Ascendents Records
6819 SE 82nd Ave
Portland OR, 97266

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Open 7 Days a Week: 11:00am-7:00pm
Phone: (503)-265-8042
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💣 2020 SALES:
$15 off mixers over $150

Some new arrivals include: (8/26) MORE HIT VINYLS from the 60's 70's and 80's
TD-3 Analog Synth, Eris 8"-XT active monitors,more posters,
and new vinyl/cds from independent and major labels.

Some featured products*

Monitors and Speakers

PreSonus Eris 3.5" BlueTooth monitors - $130 PAIR (Backordered)
PreSonus Eris 4.5" monitors - $200 PAIR
PreSonus Eris 8"-XT w/ Waveguide active monitors - $260 EACH
Behringer Studio 5" USB monitors - $120 PAIR
Loud! (by Mackie) 4" BlueTooth monitors - $170 PAIR


PreSonus HD7 open-back headphones - $60
PreSonus HD9 closed-back headphones - $80
PreSonus HD10BT closed-back bluetooth & noise cancelling headphones - $130
AKG K240 Semi-Open Back headphones - $70
Audio Technica ATH M20x closed-back headphones - $50

Synths, Pianos, MIDI Keyboards and Controllers

Nektar Gx61 Midi Keyboard - $110
Native Instruments M32 Midi Keyboard - $150
PreSonus FaderPort DAW Controller - $200
Behringer TD-3-Silver (303 Clone) - $150
PreSonus ATOM pad controller w/ Studio One - $150


TC Electronic M100 Stereo Effects Processor - $125
Behringer Compressor Pedal (Limiter CL9 or Sustainer CS400) - $35
Donner Single and Multi Pedals starting at - $40
Multi-FX Pedals starting at $50


PreSonus AR8c mixing w/ 8 channels USB/c interface - $500
PreSonus AR12c mixing w/ 14 channels USB/c interface - $650
PreSonus iTwo Studio Bundle w/ HD7, M7, and Studio One - $260
Yamaha MG10XU 10 inputs w/ 2ch USB interface - $225
Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB 12-input w/ 2ch USB interface - $150
Behringer Xenyx 802 8-input w/ 2ch mixer - $75
Behringer UM2 2-ch interface - $50


Fender Rumble 25 (25-watt 1x8" speaker) Bass Amp - $110
Peavey Max 100 (100-watt 1x10" speaker) Bass Amp - $225
BOSS Katana 50 (50-watt 1x12" speaker) Guitar Amp - $200
Fender Frontman 50 (50-watt 1x12" speaker) Guitar Amp - $230
Peavey Rage 258 (25-watt 1x8" speaker) Guitar Amp - $140
Fender Mustang 20 (20-watt 1x8" speaker) Guitar Amp - $140

AND MORE (including guitars, strings, picks, drumsticks, cables, and adapters)!!!

Call us for artist/title availability on CDs or vinyl records

Ask about bundle deals (503)-265-8042
*Shipping not included

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