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Get in touch with Ascendents Productions for questions about songwriting, music releases, and other special productions. For The Ascendents' publisher and record label (radio and licensing), please visit The Ascendents Professional Business Contacts page.

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We aim to provide the biggest bang for your buck, because we are also excited to see you succeed! Ascendents Promotions isn't about doing extra work -- we just so happen to know all about the work it takes. Promotional materals can give a boost, but they don't cause millions of people to stay up all night listening to a band's music, it's actually about the real art and the quality of artist, because promotion is ultimately about amplifying it.

Promotions don't happen alone; they require dedicated teamwork that we all can appreciate. In essence, gatekeeping and protecting quality and cool, promotion gets content/messages delivered, seen/heard, and acted-on. Our promoters actively give the signals, build professional images, and make stuff happen!

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