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Mission: Making productions better than imagined.

We aim to best serve our musicians, models, and other talented professionals. If you have wanted to work with us, this can be a first step. Ascendents Productions can provide a wide variety of promotional services.

Our promoters welcome both -- money and/or cross-promotional trade offers. We like teamwork, joint ventures, negotiating deals, and finding win-win solutions. [contact us]

The best value available

We aim to provide the biggest bang for your buck, because we are also excited to see you succeed! Ascendents Promotions isn't about doing extra work -- we just so happen to know all about the work it takes. Promotional materals can give a boost, but they don't cause millions of people to stay up all night listening to a band's music, it's actually about the real art and the quality of artist, because promotion is ultimately about amplifying it. [Get started today]

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