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Mission: Making productions better than imagined.

We make productions. Not all companies are the same, and not all types of producers are the same. To complete works, different stages of the production process can require a wide-range of services and activities. Oftentimes, several producers work together and specialize at accomplishing different tasks. How far along are you in your production?

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Official Productions

Artistically utilizing various mediums to make timeless high-quality art, we are entertainers who have a blast seeing the results of putting everything into making our work better than our visions ever imagined. We write songs/produce music from start to finish, bring albums to market, coordinate memorable events, and build the careers of legendary artists, including those who have started from the bottom. We know quality; we produce The Ascendents!

Promotions and campaign management

Promotional team assistance services include campaign management, interviews, writing, graphics/advertising,industry networking, radio promo, advertising jingles, street team, social media, web design and creating other digital promotional content.

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