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Ascendents Productions: Promotions Team

Mission: Making productions better than imagined.

How far along are you in your production?

Some promotion companies are about creating buzz and an illusion of success to convince you that you made it -- that isn't what we do. Our promo team helps give amazing talent more tools and resources to further their careers; being successful isn't living fast and pretending to a star, meanwhile paying for bots to like you -- internet bots do that anyway! People want to see your actual star-quality work more than they want to see our simple promo materials! We seem to always ask, "how far along are you in your production," because every unique promotional opportunity adds up to make/produce your success, and it never really ends. Promotion is only one aspect of production.

Our promoters welcome both -- money and/or cross-promotional trade offers. We like teamwork, joint ventures, negotiating deals, and finding win-win solutions.

The products/services we provide often belong to at least one of these categories:

Promotion campaign management

For best results, promo activities should happen in a certain order. Combined with getting a professionally timed strategy, working with Ascendents Productions ensures that more sets of eyes are not only seeing your work, but are also seeing how to help you make the most of it. We are lucky and skilled enough to work with the best. [Talk to experts]

Conducting interviews

With technology and artistic talent, various types of interviews can be conducted, including: impromptu/in-person, online/email/chat transcripts, video product/service Q&A and demonstrations, etc. [Schedule an interview]


We write what you need, such as: biographies, articles/reports, official press releases, new release articles, blurbs about songs, events, reviews, comments, quotes, slogans, recommendations, translations, and more! We can just write the text, or we can publish it to our news site, social medias, possibly share it publically, and even send it to appropriate friends/contacts. Some promotional writing activities can cause more research, thought, editing, and/or publicity -- therefore; prices vary, and they are fairly negotiated starting at around $0.10 cents USD per word. [Request a writing]

Marketing tools/advertising

Another wing of our promotions department creates marketing content/materials such as designing logos, graphics, event flyers, commercials, and other advertisements. Some graphics, illustrations, and videos require detailed work at high-resolutions, while some others are quick and easy. [Explain your ad content needs]

Networking and radio promotion

Ascendents Productions can review your music/art and assess our ability to make progress getting your material(s) in stores or on the radio, and determine if sufficient milestones been passed for establishing artists deals (such as with a record company, and/or a talent agency). We give our extensive contacts and internet/radio stations insider promotional updates along with very special requests, however; please note: we do not illegally bribe or pay radio stations to play music. Potentially reach 10 million people for as little as $10! [Pitch your music/situation]

Events and street team

When planning an upcoming event or tour and needing promotion, we send our street team into action. Flyers, stickers, and promotional materials are sent out into the world and into the hands of those who want them the most. Physical and virtual street teams are ready to help make the next big thing. [Tell us about your event.]

Social media marketing

Learn what it takes to get on social media and promote with social marketing campaigns. Grow your audiences and find new potential fans/customers! By knowing how connected you are, we can recommend which social platforms (including YouTube subscriptions) to focus, and help you archieve your next social media campaign goals. [Evaluate my social network]

Web development and e-commerce

Receive help with your website -- learn to create webpages and get consultation advice, so that your needs are met, and so that in the future, your website is expandable, looks great, and remains easy for you to manage. [Get started]

Promotional merchandise

Get products in the Ascendents.net Shopping Store, make the most of your merch, learn about becoming a trusted dropshipper, start selling products online to customers, plus get assistance handling deals with other vendors and businesses. [Present your products/ideas]

Photography and video

Make arrangements with our photography and video connections all over the world and get needed content for your production. [Book a session]

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