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Imporant radio dates:

2020-03-27"No School" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-03-27"No School" (Radio Edit)The Ascendents
2020-03-27"614" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-03-27"Skateboarder" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-03-27"Skateboarder" (Radio Edit)The Ascendents
2020-03-27"Because" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-03-27"Because" (Radio Edit)The Ascendents
2020-03-27"Summer" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-03-27"Society Sucks" (Radio Edit)The Ascendents
2020-04-17"Miss Love" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-04-17"Summer" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-04-17"FPS" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-04-17"FPS" (Radio Edit)The Ascendents
2020-04-17"Too Late" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-04-17"Too Late" (Radio Edit)The Ascendents
2020-04-17"Stuck With You" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-04-17"Stuck With You" (Radio Edit)The Ascendents
2020-04-17"Again" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-04-30"Clients" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-04-30"Clients" (Radio Edit)The Ascendents
2020-04-30"Anti-Lovesong" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-04-30"Anti-Lovesong" (Radio Edit)The Ascendents
2020-04-30"Society Sucks" (Original Mix)The Ascendents
2020-04-30"Guns and Knives" (Original Mix)The Ascendents

Pre-sale dates:

2020-03-20Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll (Original Mixes)The Ascendents
2020-04-05Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll (Radio Edits)The Ascendents

Release dates:

2020-04-30Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll (Original Mixes)The Ascendents
2020-06-14Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll (Radio Edits)The Ascendents

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