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The Ascendents: Spotify Playlists

Here is a list of Spotify playlists with various themes where you can find music from The Ascendents. To submit your lists for our website, send your playlist information to Also, remember to follow The Ascendents - Spotify artist page.

1.   (Original Mixes) R20TASD‑1X
Added: 2020-06-14

The Ascendents - Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll [Explicit Lyrics] R20TASD-1X (click to preview).

2.   (Radio Edits) R20TASD‑1C
Added: 2020-06-14

The Ascendents - Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll (Radio Edits) R20TASD-1C (click to preview).

3.   The People's Ascendents
Added: 2020-06-19

Collab playlist with The Ascendents and other classic artists. (click to preview).

4.   Ascendents Grunge Zero
Added: 2020-05-23

Music recommended by The Ascendents Pandora Radio station and similar artists. (click to preview).

5.   Drink The Ascendents
Added: 2020-05-22

The Ascendents with pop hits from the 80's, 90's, and today! (click to preview).

6.   Rock, hip-hop, and Ascendents
Added: 2020-05-11

The Ascendents music and cool hip-hop or songs with a rap-rock edge. (click to preview).

7.   Hot Rock Ascendents
Added: 2020-05-19

Hot hard rock and metal from the 70's and 80's (click to preview).

8.   Punk with The Ascendents
Added: 2020-05-03

Punk rock music collection, featuring songs from The Ascendents. (click to preview).

9.   The Ascendents and more
Added: 2020-05-03

Songs from Ascendents Records and other labels. (click to preview).

10.   Classic rock and Ascendents
Added: 2020-05-03

The Ascendents and classic rock favorites from the 1950's, through the 60's, 70's, and 80's. (click to preview).

11.   Alternative - The Ascendents
Added: 2020-05-03

The Ascendents featured in a collection with alternative rock. (click to preview).

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Spotify Playlists

1.   (Original Mixes) R20TASD‑1X
2.   (Radio Edits) R20TASD‑1C
3.   Alternative - The Ascendents
4.   Ascendents Grunge Zero
5.   Classic rock and Ascendents
6.   Drink The Ascendents
7.   Hot Rock Ascendents
8.   Punk with The Ascendents
9.   Rock, hip-hop, and Ascendents
10.   The Ascendents and more
11.   The People's Ascendents

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