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The Ascendents: Lyrics

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Too Late (It's Too Late)
Music and lyrics by Kyle Keith (2018)


Second time in line I have gone around
It's time they said it wasn't all for you
Everything is worse when you're in town
Can't take this shit; what am I supposed to miss

Go and have some fun get off Sunday
While she is bad you're never as good as her
Do what you are not what you want
Can't be upset about who you're supposed to be

You lost but had fun
It's too late

Break it down
Oh ay oh

Signing me up for crap I didn't want
Can't lose their grip; they had to get close to me
Staring down the plan of another one
If you don't fit you don't belong with this

It's too late
It's too late
It's too late
You're too late
It's too late


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