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We verify availability of your requested time slot before officially booking your session and collecting deposit. Minimum session length is three hours. Enter promo code  STUDIO  for 10% off your studio reservation!

Session start time: 2023-06-16 12:00 AM - (Change Time)

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2023-06-16 - Fri
Time Slot Studio
Duration Total Cost*
12:00 AM$30$301 hr$30
01:00 AM$60$302 hr$60
02:00 AM$90$303 hr$90
03:00 AM$120$304 hr$120
04:00 AM$150$305 hr$150
05:00 AM$180$306 hr$180
06:00 AM$210$307 hr$210
07:00 AM$240$308 hr$240
08:00 AM$265$259 hr$265
09:00 AM$290$2510 hr$290
10:00 AM$315$2511 hr$315
11:00 AM$335$2012 hr$335
12:00 PM$355$2013 hr$355
01:00 PM$375$2014 hr$375
02:00 PM$395$2015 hr$395
03:00 PM$415$2016 hr$415
04:00 PM$435$2017 hr$435
05:00 PM$455$2018 hr$455
06:00 PM$475$2019 hr$475
07:00 PM$500$2520 hr$500
08:00 PM$525$2521 hr$525
09:00 PM$550$2522 hr$550
10:00 PM$580$3023 hr$580
11:00 PM$610$3024 hr$610
*Additional studios service fees may apply

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