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We verify availability of your requested time slot before officially booking your session and collecting deposit. Minimum session length is three hours. Enter promo code  STUDIO  for 10% off your studio reservation!

Session start time: 2023-06-05 03:00 PM - (Change Time)

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2023-06-05 - Mon
Time Slot Studio
Duration Total Cost*
03:00 PM$20$201 hr$40
04:00 PM$40$402 hr$80
05:00 PM$60$603 hr$120
06:00 PM$80$804 hr$160
07:00 PM$105$1055 hr$210
08:00 PM$130$1306 hr$260
09:00 PM$155$1557 hr$310
10:00 PM$185$1858 hr$370
11:00 PM$215$2159 hr$430
12:00 AM$245$24510 hr$490
01:00 AM$275$27511 hr$550
02:00 AM$305$30512 hr$610
03:00 AM$335$33513 hr$670
04:00 AM$365$36514 hr$730
05:00 AM$395$39515 hr$790
06:00 AM$425$42516 hr$850
07:00 AM$455$45517 hr$910
08:00 AM$480$48018 hr$960
09:00 AM$505$50519 hr$1010
10:00 AM$530$53020 hr$1060
11:00 AM$550$55021 hr$1100
12:00 PM$570$57022 hr$1140
01:00 PM$590$59023 hr$1180
02:00 PM$610$61024 hr$1220
*Additional studios service fees may apply

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