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AMP composition code:  
Composition Title:
Composition title alt:
Alternate song titles:
Composition title short:
Composition ISWC:N/A
Primary songwriter:
Songwriter(s) list:
Songwriting company:
Songwriting Project:
Composition genre:
Composition sub-genres:
Orig. Music instruments:
Original music key:
Orig. music duration:
Orig. music tempo:
Orig. composition lyrics:N/A
Original FCC clean score (0-5):
Clean/censored recording available:N/A
Composition has music:N/A
Composition has lyrics:N/A

Songwriter PRO/PRS:
Publisher PRO/PRS:
Published at:
Publishing collector:
Composition copyright owner:
Composition details:N/A
Original recording title:
Orig. rec. title code:
Original recording artist:Request license
Orig. rec. artist alt:N/A
Recording producer:
Recording engineer:
Original recording genre:
Original recording sub-genres:
Original recording date:
Original recording label:
Original recording copyright owner:
Original AR recording code:
AR recording codes:N/A
Master license inquiry:N/A
Preview original recording:N/A
Original recording ISRC:N/A
ISRC list:N/A

Release title:
Release artist:
Release artist alt:
Release date:
Release genre:
Release sub-genres:
Release track count:
Release track number:N/A
Release length:
Release type:
Release medium:
Release producer:
Release engineer:
Release label:
AR release code:
AR release codes list:N/A
Release UPC:N/A
UPC List:N/A

AR art code:N/A
AR Art Codes List:N/A

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About FCC Clean Score

Original song content is color-coded by FCC broadcast safety, considering violation risks/factors such as obscenity, indecency and profanity.

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Sound recording details contains lyrics and censor edits.

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