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Ascendents, The: Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll


Additional Details for Skateboarder:

Key of G

Performed by The Ascendents: Kyle Keith (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Drennan (Bass/Vocals), Timmy Clark (Drums)

Skateboarder was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ascendents Studios, 2017

Recording Title:Skateboarder
Recording Artist:Ascendents, The
Featured Recording ArtistThe Ascendents
Recording Producer:Ascendents Studios
Recording Genre:Rock
Recording Sub-Genres:Rock
Sound Recording Date:2017-05-20
Sound Recording Label:Ascendents Records
Recording Copyright Owner:Ascendents Records
AR Sound Recording Code:17TASESK-CLEAN
AR Recording Codes:17TASESK
Listen to Sound Recording:N/A
Recording ISRC:N/A

Release Title:Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll
Release Artist:Ascendents, The
Release Featured Artist:The Ascendents
Release Date:2017-05-20
Release Genre:Rock
Release Sub-Genres:Rock
Release Track Count:14
Release Track Number:4
Release Length:Full
Release Type:Studio
Release Medium:Multi
Release Producer:Ascendents Studios
Release Label:Ascendents Records
AR Release Code:R17TASE
AR Release Codes List:R17TASE
Release UPC:N/A
UPC List:N/A

Executive Publisher:Ascendents Music Publishing
AMP Music Composition Code:17APSESK
Published At:2017-05-20
Songwriter PRO/PRS:BMI
Composition Copyright Owner:Ascendents Productions
Songwriting Company:Ascendents Productions
Songwriting Project:Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll
Composition Title:Skateboarder
Composition ISWC:N/A
Composition Genre:Rock
Composition Sub-Genres:Rock
Primary Songwriter:Kyle Keith
Songwriter(s) List:Kyle Keith, Josh Drennan, Timmy Clark
Publisher Mechanical/Synch Licensing:View Details

Song Details:Details
Song Lyrics:Lyrics
AR Art Code:A17KKSE
AR Art Codes List:A17KKSE
Explicit Content:N/A
Original Artist/RecordingYes
KeywordsAscendents, The Ascendents

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